The Magical Quality of Dreams

I am a dreamer.  I have known this my entire life and if anyone had to put a description to me it would most probably be ‘dreamer’.  I love the world of other realms and other realities.  Each night I soar through multiple realities and probabilities, knowing that I am so much more, knowing that there is so much more to this reality and to my reality.  Knowing that there are realms in which I am completely unrestricted by mass, physical matter and earthly duty.

Places where I have no guilt and conscience, places where there is no logic and everything makes perfect sense.  Places where my uncensored being can transform freely, intelligently and create.  Places where I can fly, swim under water, communicate telepathically and work alongside angels and demons.


Dream – The Lunar Eclipse

I realise I’m on a first date with a strange man I have never met before.  He’s quite nice looking in a middle aged average sort of way.  He has fine brown hair.  He is a quiet sort of fellow with no charisma or passion.

We are milling around outside what could be a live concert.  I’m holding a large plastic glass filled with beer shandy.  I’m bored.

I look at what I’m wearing and I’m shocked to realise that I’m wearing a navy man’s fleece, ordinary denims and sensible shoes.  My hair is tied in a ponytail.  I am horrified to realise that I am out on a first date, trying to create a first impression dressed like a fat, frumpy, boring and middle aged woman.

I look up and experience the most incredible sight.  I see the moon, large as life in the night sky.  It is magnificent set against the midnight velvet sky.  It is so close I feel that I could reach out and stroke it.  I see the partial eclipses of Neptune and Jupiter, behind the moon.  “We are so lucky to be witnessing this – seeing all four planets in eclipse at the same time” I say to my companion.

The moon has a strange texture being fluffy, like a spider’s cocoon – I find this strange as I had always imagined the moon to be glassy and smooth.  This moon is warm and tactile.  I’m completely enchanted with the whole scene.  Then to my immense confusion and dismay I discover that the moon I have been admiring is an illusion.  It has been ‘boring man’s’ finger over the camera lens the whole time.  It has never been a moon but a silly finger.  I feel angry, silly, disappointed and embarrassed that I have been mistaken.

Through my dismay, a warm powerful feeling fills me and I feel that it was ‘my moon’ and ‘my experience’  that it was a real experience to me, no matter what it appeared to me and me alone.

Dreamt – Wednesday, 6th August 2009

Lunar Eclipse Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius.