God and Satan

I am summoned to a bedroom with a large bed.  A female companion comes with.  I am fair and she is dark. We are extraordinarily beautiful.

Satan kneels in front of me on the bed.  He has a lot of sandy, ginger coloured hair like a halo around his oversized head.  Satan has chosen me as his consort because I am different. I feel simultaneously afraid and honoured. He begins to make love to me using the power of his mind. The attention is embarrassing and feel no sexual attraction and worry that perhaps I should.  Satan orgasms and as he does a surge of powerful orgasmic electrical energy shoots out the top of my head like a fountain. It is an incredible experience and something I have never felt before, a mind spring.

As Satan leaves he asks for directions from God who is very similar to my father.

Dreamt: 12 May 2002


5 thoughts on “God and Satan

  1. ‘Consort’ is a perfect word for a goddess. This dream seems symbolic of Isis (goddess of light and the heavens) and her twin sister Nephthys (goddess of darkness and the underworld). Both goddesses were personified as virgins and here you describe Satan (Horus the solar deity with halo of red hair) as making love in spirit rather than flesh. Good dream Daria. Thank you.

  2. Each one of us contains and has access to the divine feminine. It is at its core birthing and bringing forth life. Goddess energy is symbolic of the creative intuitive processes flowing outwards. However as with birth the goddess has a destructive force. As my poor angry mother said many times “I brought you into this world – I can take you out”.

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