I am swimming in a stretch of dark water which is inky sort of like a pea soup.  It’s not dark nor is it light – the light is monochromatic. I am a little off shore and swimming with my Mother who is young perhaps the age I am now or even younger.  We are more good friends than mother and daughter.  Suddenly I begin to get pulled by a very strong current.  Even though we are together in the water it is me being pulled out towards the open waters and my mother remains in the calm.  She begins to swim after me in a bid to rescue me, but the current is strong and fast and I can see that she wont be able to swim holding both of us against the tug.

I tell her to swim to shore and get help.  A boat is my only chance of rescue.  It is difficult letting her go, wondering if we will ever see each other again. Instead of blind panic I begin to resign myself to my fate.  Something is pulling me as if claiming its own and there is absolutely nothing I can do to prevent it.

Sharks begin to circle me and soon I will be gone.  I call for help from the spirits of the sea and a dark shape begins to manifest and form from the depths below.  At first I believe it to be dolphin energy buoying me up moving me against the tide towards the land.

My vision clears and see a giant turtle is carrying me on it’s back. The trusty, steady creature is calm and centred and carrying me safely to the shore.  My heart is filled with a deep gratitude and awe at this unexpected kindness.

On the shore two men holding fire torches meet me.  They are dressed in simple robes similar to the monks of old. They lead me to an old abbey created from heavy dark stone with thick wooden doors.  It is now nightfall. All communication is telepathic with no actual words spoken.  I am guided into a room and told to remove all my clothes and put on the robe.  There are other initiates both male and female and we are all expected to do this.  I wonder if I am meant to remove my underwear too and I find the thought of doing this strangely erotic. I decide to remove everything and just wear the robe. It is a rich brown and very soft thickly woven from the softest lamb’s wool not at all scratchy as I had imagined it to me.  The garment has no fastenings but is held closed with a yellow belt.

We are let into another room.  We all seem nervously excited and none of us know what to expect.  The two young men who met me at the shore explain to us that we are to form a select group of initiates and that we will open worlds and other realms. This will be a revolutionary higher spiritual order of being. We are then broken up into a smaller group and I am taken to a smaller room off the main room. Guided to stand with my back to the wall the leader holds my left hand and one of my fellow initiates holds on to my right.  My guide bids me to close my eyes.  As soon as I do I feel the beautiful pure energy of my guide begin to flow through me. But immediately I feel as though I have plugged into a force and energy of uniquely my own and that it is even more powerful than his and that both he and my brother can feel the surges and rhythms of light and flow moving through me and into them.  Although I am conscious of being in the room with the others my mind explodes to show a multiverse of depth and unimaginable proportions.  I see this in the form of many millions of orange pineal eyes undulating, moving and glowing filling me with exquisite, gentle soft light energy.

I am physically swaying and moaning with deep pleasure but my brothers are keeping me held upright.  Suddenly a dark hole begins to from in the fabric of the orange eyes.  It begins to disrupt the order of things and I am unable to seal it so it just grows larger until forced back into consciousness and back into the room. I look to my teacher feeling weak and raw from having been wrenched from the beauty of the cosmic light.  I begin to weep and he holds me tightly to him stroking and kissing my hair as if mopping up my pain. I feel so wretched I wished I could climb inside his body and stay there. Eventually I begin to recover my strength. I realise that I have not merely passed a test but have shown myself  in a different league to the others.  I have come as a quite a surprise to my teachers. I channel from the most direct natural source.  Once recovered I look accusingly at my fellow initiate standing regarding me sheepishly.  He’s whole demeanour expresses deep apology. He shows me that the groaning, undulating pulse flowing through me to him was physically arousing and as soon as he began to respond with an erection it tore a hole through the fabric of the pineal eyes.  Feeling better, I now see the humour in this and I hug him sharing laughter with the group.

Dreamt: 14 April 2011


4 thoughts on “Enlightenment

  1. It shows a deep connection to the creator and a pineal gland that is highly activated. As wonderful as these dream ‘trips’ are be careful to ground yourself otherwise the release of so many cerebral hormones can cause confusion and disorientation in the physical world. Remember that your head may be in the clouds but your feet must be planted firmly on earth.
    The deeper symbolic meaning of a giant turtle rescue is also the divine feminine lunar energy. Turtle is showing you that you are not only part of the cosmos but also have work to do here on earth. Go slow, protect yourself and find your wisdom and guidance through your intuition.
    Love your dream Daria. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Just imaging you naked under a robe (most particularly a monk’s habit) moaning and groaning with pleasure is enough to give any red blooded male’s blood flowing towards his lower regions. Bet the poor fellow was quite grounded in the physical.

  3. More orgasms out the top of your head in a monastery! Daria what am I to do with you? How’s the script for your Mills and Boon coming along?
    Am in agreement with the Captain on this one, work the character on the right of you, he has his own interesting story to tell and reveal. He’s much more tasty than pea and turtle soup :-)
    Great dreams girl! Keep them coming.

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