Ed Leedskalnin

I am a young fair-skinned blonde American girl about seventeen years old. It is the 1950’s or very early 60’s. I am with friends in a large square Art Deco style building painted in pastel sorbet colours. It’s all very ‘Miss American Pie’. I am clean wholesome and engaged to be married.

A little man appears whom I recognise as Ed Leedskalnin the creator of Coral Castle. In this dreamscape he is considered the town weirdo and is teased and bullied because of it. Everyone is wary of him and although he appears a little man there was a feeling that he was powerful and otherworldly. He seemed to everyone to have appeared out of nowhere.

Ed approaches the school and with telepathy communicates that he will killing all of us unless he gets one of us to willingly be sacrificed. I volunteer naïvely believing that my young friends will rescue me yet all the while the sensing that it was me he wanted anyway. Whilst my friends hide quietly inside the school building Ed leads me to a tarpaulin set up on the lawn outside and bids me to lie underneath it. The whole place is quiet and deserted. Until this point I had not considered that he would actually take my life and now I panic as I realise my fate. Ed holds a tool in his hands and is going to extract my heart. All he wants from me is my heart. I soon resign myself to death but am afraid of the pain the sharp claw like tool will cause. Ed pulls two vials from a little black bag with which to inject me. One is for pain and the other is an immobiliser to prevent me from struggling against him.
I plan to use one of the vials to escape once my friends emerge to rescue me, but soon that hope fades away and I sense that I am ‘done for’ as in one dose my consciousness ebbs away. There is no hatred or malice coming from Ed, in fact he loves me deeply. He is simply doing what he has to do.

He changes my form into many outfits of clothing trying to design my appearance more in line with his idea of me.
He opens my legs and adjusts something deep inside of me causing  a deep intense orgasm which ignites and shudders through every part of my being.

I am dying. I feel my life beginning to slip away – to fade.  All that is me fades to nothing and I flat line. As my last breaths of consciousness leave me and my heart stops beating, my being fills with love and forgiveness.  I whisper, ‘I forgive you, I love you, all is love’.
Ed keeps me in this suspended state for some time before he takes the new ‘dead’ me to a dirty ramshackle old place on the edge of a down and out suburb.
I know that in my earlier life the one from which he has abducted me, has gone and I must be dead.  Sad for the loss of my life I now feel that without him I am nothing – I would simply vanish.  My love and devotion holds me to him.
I begin a life of deep satisfaction and peace. We clean and empty the house or rubbish and the home we create becomes the centre of my universe. Ed and my life in this strange house become my life and I love the funny little man deeply and intensely. To the world outside we seem an ordinary blue-collar working class family. We keep our lives simple so as not to attract attention. Yet Ed does not need to work and there is always supply and between us we grow a family. Ed gives me two sons and a daughter and this is deeply fulfilling.

One day quite unexpectedly I discover a door in the passage of my home. I open the door and discover a mirror image of my home only this place is a squalid filthy deserted little squat.  It has boards around it that show me it has been condemned. I don’t understand how this place could have been there, how come I’ve never noticed before.

Two men in black arrive and want to take me away. They are implying that I am responsible for the squalid little place attached to my home. It is frightening and we are thrown into a panic. I am at the point I was when Ed abducted me and I realise i must sacrifice and resign myself to this fate to protect my family.

My last experience of my wonderful life is the agony of seeing my teenage daughter running along the passage towards me calling to me   bravely slip through the wall and into the squat next door.  The men in black bid me to sit at a table as if under interrogation. They remove the rings from my fingers one by one watching and waiting for a reaction. When they remove the thin black shiny metal band from my wedding finger my physical form and consciousness rapidly begin to fade. I realise that the little black band had held me in the form of life, suspended in a dimension of  Ed’s creation.  With the ring the MIB have what they came for. My time is over and I must finally surrender to death.


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