The Beloved Lady

I m at a beautiful place; it is near the sea.  I meet a woman of my age and who is just like me.  She is married to a much older, very wealthy man – the owner of the land.  He clearly spoils and indulges her out of love for her.

He cherishes her and I am slightly envious.  We both adore nature and gardens.

We joke about her procession through 200 000 people on a French sedan chair.

Dreamt: 7 May 2002


God and Satan

I am summoned to a bedroom with a large bed.  A female companion comes with.  I am fair and she is dark. We are extraordinarily beautiful.

Satan kneels in front of me on the bed.  He has a lot of sandy, ginger coloured hair like a halo around his oversized head.  Satan has chosen me as his consort because I am different. I feel simultaneously afraid and honoured. He begins to make love to me using the power of his mind. The attention is embarrassing and feel no sexual attraction and worry that perhaps I should.  Satan orgasms and as he does a surge of powerful orgasmic electrical energy shoots out the top of my head like a fountain. It is an incredible experience and something I have never felt before, a mind spring.

As Satan leaves he asks for directions from God who is very similar to my father.

Dreamt: 12 May 2002


I am in a beautiful hotel which I own.  I manage to change shape into a magical genie sort of being, very ethereal and completely invisible, I have no legs, but arms and I fly everywhere.  It is wonderful and I am very, very, happy flying in around my hotel completely unseen, but somehow overseeing things and because I am invisible I can sleep in any room I please and this makes gives me a sense of freedom and delight. I fly through a bedroom where a woman is asleep on the bed and a man is walking out through the door.

I hear the sobs of a little girl and fly out the window and to the patio to investigate. My heart goes out to her because I think that she must have lost her lover.  But when I look down further I see that she is parted from her little dog and thinks he is lost.  I see the little fellow standing on the terrace unable to get her. I realize that I must fly down and retrieve the dog.  As I am doing it I think  ‘these adventures would create an excellent story”.

When I reach the dog I see that he is afraid of my ethereal form so I have to change to a human form to get him to come to me.  I give the girl the dog and we drive home together.

I cannot find my hotel and feel afraid, but eventually I find it.  I want her friendship but I realize that to do that every time I am around her I will have to become  human!

Dreamt:-  12 October 1999

Black Snake

There is a big black monstrous eel like monster trying to get at me through the bathroom door.  I try to keep the door closed but it won’t stay closed.  Eventually the creature bursts in.  There in my hand is a small delicate ginger kitten.  I know I must kill the kitten because it is the dangerous snake in disguise, so I squash it.  I feel terrible killing something I love and wish to protect, as I squeeze the life out of it, I throw it out the window.  I scream to my father for help.

Dreamt: 7 April 1997

Soul Food

I am standing on a mountain looking at a beautiful view.  Although I have my home nearby with it’s own magnificent view I long for the original stand which as newly weds we were going to buy and build our home. The original site is now a holiday home being enjoyed by a German couple.

The male German is pregnant and he is sitting on the beach with his legs spread open, it is not a pleasant sight. There is a sea pool so teaming with humanity it is fetid.

I then enter a dirty African market.  There is nothing I want or need as everything is very traditional and ethnic.

On the rooftop is a spiritual gathering – all different religions plying their beliefs like a sort of spiritual marketplace.  The Christians are there making the loudest noise of all and actually a nuisance. There is  a woman is singing loudly with passionate evangelical zeal which drowns out all the other gentler more subtle messages.

I go to a quiet black man with a kind loving spirit and gentle compassionate old eyes.  He is preparing and cooking orange food.  He hands me a simple bowl of food with a gentle encouraging smile which reaches deep into my heart.  The food is delicious.  As I am eating I realise I like the message of the ‘orange food’.  This is the religion of my choice.

Dreamt November 1996

The Goddess Sophia

I am in a place like Greece.  I am an important woman with high status in the community but not a decision maker. I am travelling with my man.  We have to book our passage on certain day at a certain time.  Others are doing the same since we are all starting on some sort of pilgrimage.  I do not feel relaxed until the taxi has been booked.

There is a furore all about me.  The mayor explains that he is removing land to open up a harbour.  He shows me a map and diagram.  I think it’s a very good idea.  It means progress, which has to be a good thing for everyone.

What has upset everyone however is that they will be loosing a very holy sacred relic.  The relic is on a holy site because it is a blessing from the goddess Sophia.

I cannot imagine the Goddess standing in the way of civic progress and economical improvement of her people.  My opinion of the goddess and as a chosen representative of the Goddess herself; is that she would gladly relinquish a relic for the betterment of her people.  I fear I may be struck down by lightening – that my thoughts will appear blasphemous – perhaps I’m too rational and forward thinking.  Why do I find it so difficult to understand the thoughts and ‘feelings’ of the people in my care?

It is dark and nighttime.  I am walking down a street and come into square.  It has rained and everywhere glints with water from the moonlight.  I find a wooden stand containing an ancient wooden window.  On the wood of the window is a large scratch.  I’m incredulous – is this what the fuss is all about?  A scratch?  A purported mark?

I reason that this little wall with its window could be carried anywhere.  I wonder about the original abode the window was set in.  Perhaps this is the exact spot upon which Sophia walked lonely and childless through the streets and come upon a blissful tableau of a happy family gathered around a table enjoying each other’s warmth, company and love.

I see her wistfully and enviously watching through the window then leaving her mark as a’ blessing’ to them.  For as a goddess she is an immortal and cannot enter the mortality of human life, she is, therefore denied the human family she loves so much.  So she blesses each human family as her own.

A Place Called Nowhere

I’m in a place that feels like a resort at the sea.  It’s holiday season and packed with tourists.  I am staying in a hotel. Every restaurant on every floor is full even though there are restaurants on every floor, The hotel is vaguely familiar in dream state.  It is along the beachfront.  It is shaped like an S and has lots and lots of glass.  Some of the glass is covered with a sort of plastic advertising to keep out the sun.

I feel utterly lost in this place.  I have a seat and I am eating.  Everyone has a mission and a purpose.  I decide that I am claustrophobic – hemmed in by crowds of happy holidaymakers all with a defined sense of purpose.  As soon as  I move my table is occupied by other hungry tourists.  I am aimless and uprooted.

A large British woman, sunburnt the colour of a boiled lobster wants a seat at the window she is determined to secure her family a table with a view.  Her singular mission and focus is to procure the best seat in the cafeteria. She is so wonderfully bossy, loud and take charge (pushy).

There are children everywhere.

I am walking from room to room, floor to floor trying to decide what to do.  A bunch of children open the large smoky coloured glass sliding door which separates my hotel suite from the rest of humanity. They walk right across my floor space as if I didn’t exist.  I am exposed without cover, yet I appear invisible to everyone.

I resume wandering.  I get in a lift.  It doesn’t look very safe at all.  I’m not sure if it’s going up or down.  I get in and hold on to a loose wire hanging out the ceiling.  I am holding on to it so tightly that my hand hurts and my fingers have turned red.  I wonder if this wire will help me when the lift careens to the ground.

A coloured man seems to take control of me.

He says; ‘Come with me, I want to show you something’.

I walk holding his hand.  We walk further inland.  (I know I’ve had a similar dream before)  I begin to worry for my safety.  I’ve been silly to trust this stranger.  It appears that he wants to marry me and take me away.  But I don’t belong in his world.  I don’t belong in my world – but I don’t belong in his world either.

Dreamt: 7 July 2009