The Shell Seeker

Angels Hidden in the Sands of Time

I am staying at what feels like a guest house or small hotel.  I’m trying to acquaint myself with the place and the people.  It’s almost time to leave and I don’t feel as if I’ve done anything worthwhile.

I’m walking through the town – nothing of any particular interest stands out.  I go to the beach.  It is very, very early in the morning.  I wonder what I am doing there so early.  It’s not a very attractive beach or indeed a beautiful setting.  As I sit in the sand still damp from the morning dew I notice sea shells all about me. There, glittering in the morning light is a shell which intrigues me.  Although it’s only a shard of insignificant mother of pearl it remains remarkably beautiful.  Next my attention is drawn to a really beautiful shell lying partly hidden in the sand it is hiding because it is alive and therefore vulnerable.

Spurred on by this discovery I look at the sand with new eyes.  I find a pure white shell appears like a pair of angels wings.  I carefully inspect the shell and discover nestled inside the angel’s wings is another shell, similar in shape but different.  One of the smaller angel’s wings is damaged and I feel disappointed.  It doesn’t feel like such a prize find now.

Encouraged by my findings I decide to pay more attention to my surroundings and to discover what other little treasures lie waiting for me.

On my return to the hotel, I realise that it is has turned to evening.  The hotel guests are irritable and hungry as it would be impolite for them to have begun eating without me.  I feel like a spoilt little rich girl as I change into my emerald green satin dinner dress.

The vintage style of dress indicates to me that this must be the 50’s

Dreamt 5th April 2009


Diving with Crocodiles

Truth or Dare?

There is a shallow pool of very muddy water. It’s full of  crocodiles. The dare is jump into the pond and stay for as long as your nerves hold out. It seems that confidence fools the crocodiles. The more brazen and confident you are the more invisible you become to the crocodiles. Sara jumps in, others jump in. Sara is coaxing me in, but I simply cannot. I know that I will jump in and sink into the mud and merge into the quagmire. It’s not death or harm I fear, what I fear no one else seems to understand – I fear that the mud will consume me and I will disappear forever. I feel foolish as I am the only one who cannot take the plunge.
Dreamt 6th January 2010

My Car Takes me for a Ride

Mind over Metal

I get in my car to drive home and it begins driving and steering itself. It is an incredible feeling. My car has a will and a purpose of it’s own and is taking me towards it. I’m fascinated to know where it leads. It goes around in wide circles for a while, but it feels as though it’s just getting used to freedom and showing me that it can actually drive itself. It was a relaxing and liberating experience. I am no longer in control and responsible – the car has much more experience, talent and ability in driving than me, in fact she was designed and created for it. I wondered why I had stressed so and had to drive before. It seemed like a ‘new development’ for me. An enhancement to my life and well-being.
dreamt on 6th January 2010