For a very long time I have dreamt of sharing my dreams with others.  I find the worlds of alternative realities, a zillion probabilities and the symbolic cryptic coded messages within dreams truly fascinating.

I suppose I should admit now, that I inhabit the world of dreams far more than this present time space reality really allows.  I love to sleep, I love to dream, I love to contemplate and I am open to communication with all beings whether physical or non physical.  My epitaph would read ‘here lies a dreamer she is dreaming still…’

I have struggled with the narcissistic notion of blogging and my inner critic is frantically wringing her hands raw with the worry of it all.  A big question mark hangs like a dark cloud above my head ‘who would want to read about your world of dreams?’  Something inside me drives me forwards,  ‘It is now time, do it, do it’ chant the voices in my head‘.

And so, imagine a being with two faces; in shadow a woman and the other a girl holding in her hand a cosmic butterfly net, which she uses to capture the beings, visions, and stories she has gathered throughout lifetimes, realms and distant galaxies.  Now, throughout the realms of cyberspace, she shyly hopes and trusts that her imaginary and enchanting Emporium of Dreams will magically awaken those parts of yourself that you dream of.

Blue Winged Dreamer


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